Gene Collins
President and Founder


More exciting news on the continuous growth of Euthenics for the coming year. As we enter into our 32nd year of business, we look to better ways of providing service-oriented planning and design to our clients.

We have enjoyed a tremendous year of new commissions in medical equipment planning and interior design with both divisions of the company achieving the growth outlined in our business plan for the fiscal year. The credit goes to our staff of very experienced and talented people who have been working hard in growing our base of operations in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The decisions to grow our effort in the medical equipment planning industry and expand our operations with a new office building for our interior design division have proven to be timely as our business continues to increase. We have seen an increase in business in the north eastern and central regions of the country and will soon be working in the international market.

Mark Wilson, our Senior Medical Technology Planner, continues to lead the company in Activation and Occupancy planning engagements out of our Chicago location and Barbara Riley Collins continues to serve as our Director of Interior Design and graphics.

Beginning March 2009, Euthenics is proud to announce the appointment of William P. Wells as our newest senior medical equipment planner. Bill brings many years of experience in equipment planning and procurement.

Our corporate and contact information remains the same and we welcome your calls.



Gene Collins

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