Interior Designer ID #0004560
Director of Planning and Design


Ms. Collins has over twenty five years of professional experience in project management and all areas of interior design. She has worked on more than twenty major projects and has produced many projects for individual facilities and corporate accounts. She began her professional design career while attending the University of Florida, participating in the summer internship program with the firm of Mudano Associates, Architects, in Clearwater Florida.

After graduating from the University of Florida Architecture School in 1986 with a Bachelor of Design degree with a major in interior design, she joined the staff of Euthenics as a designer and space planner. Since that time she has been responsible for project design and management. Concurrently she has managed interior design and planning projects for Euthenics nationwide. She has worked with several large corporate accounts with space planning, finish schedule and furniture systems responsibilities and many health care facilities with interior design, furniture layouts, budgets, specifications and accessory packages.

Ms. Collins' abilities and experience include the development of programs, schematic and conceptual designs, the technical development of the plans and specifications needed to produce the work, and management of the projects during construction and procurement.

Collins and Aikman Carpets selected Ms. Collins to serve on their Healthcare Design Council with their first meeting in early 1999. This council meets to discuss issues and concerns pertaining to current and future carpet designs in the healthcare industry.

For information about our interior design services, please contact Barbara Riley Collins - Senior Associate with Euthenics and Director of Planning and Design.


Bachelor of Design, University of Florida 1986

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