Emergency Room Waiting

The hotel-like amenities, exquisitely designed waiting rooms and dining are all a part of this new addition and remodel for this facility. The much needed addition for the Emergency Department provided the opportunity for the remodeling of the main lobby and entrance to the hospital. Beautiful landscaping and architectural styling introduce the new image established by careful design coordination between the interior designer and architect. Soft colors selected from very durable and practical materials are the basis for the image enhancement planned for Coral Gables Hospital.

Other projects are underway at this facility such as the remodel of the second floor nursing unit, Radiology, and the Rehab. department. The continuation of the color and image schemes established with the ER and Main Lobby will insure a coordinated interior package.


 Doctors Dining   

  Main Reception 

        Principal-In-Charge - Gene Collins, President
Project Designer - Barbara Riley Collins, Senior Associate ID#0004560

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