E U T H E N I C S A Planning & Design Firm Scope of Services Expanded Construction Administration and Procurement Management Services

Equipment planning services provided by Euthenics, Incorporated (EI) are varied and designed to be meet the individual project requirements. This checklist includes the preparation of Bid Documents, an expanded Construction Administration Phase and complete Procurement Management Services.

Bid Documents Phase

q Project schedule updated

q Terms and Conditions report

q Room-by-room equipment report

q Project items reports by responsibility


q CFCI Item Specifications






q Architect Information Report (AIR) of Groups I & II and selected Group II equipment with technical data sheets

q Phase closeout and approval


 Construction Administration Phase

q Project Schedule updated

q Attend Owner, Architect, Contractor (OAC) meetings

q Reply to RFI's

q Shop drawing reviews

q Field Inspections with reports

q Equipment change request forms (linked to purchases)

q Minutes for EI conducted meetings

q Phase closeout and approval


 Procurement Management Phase

q Review procurement plans and strategies with Owner

q Project schedule updated

q Provide Bid services for limited but reasonable number of items

q Provide Quotations Book for OFCI, OFOI, and OFVI major equipment and relocation of reuse equipment (RE) requiring vendor involvement

q Prepare Manufacturer's Summary report

q Establish PO Format and process (FEL used as basis for procurement)

q Establish delivery timeframe with Owner and General Contractor

q Identify PO issue dates for OFCI, OFOI, and OFVI equipment

q Prepare PO Cost Tracking and delivery log

q Issue OFCI PO's in Owner's name

q Issue OFOI PO's in Owner's name

q Issue OFVI PO's in Owner's name

q Issue REO or V in Owner's name

q Engage warehouse facilities

q Expedite and coordinate equipment deliveries

q Develop receiving procedure and train responsible party

q Coordinate In-Service training

q Final inspection and punch list

q Minutes for EI conducted meetings

q Project closeout and approval

Facility Activation and Occupancy Planning

q Establish management structure and process to deal with activation and occupancy issues

q Develop a preliminary transition budget

q Administer a questionnaire to reveal departmental activation and occupancy needs and document inter-departmental dependencies

q Establish preliminary an activation and occupancy schedule noting key events and tasks

q Conduct continuing series of developmental meetings with Owner's task forces and refine activation and occupancy schedule and budget / task assignments

q Develop methodology specific to the Owner's needs for communicating relevant activation and occupancy issues and answers

q Finalize activation and occupancy schedule

q Develop and adminsiter a detailed departmental move plan

q Develop and administer, under the guidance of the Owner's clinical leadership, a patient move plan

q Develop and administer a mock move exercise


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