Jupiter, Florida
        Jupiter, Florida
        Haskell Company
        Jacksonville, Florida
        Equipment Planner for Project
        St. Petersburg , Florida
        Project Description
        Jupiter Medical Center, (Owner) is planning and developing an addition/renovation project of the existing hospital located at 1213 S. Old Dixie Hwy., Jupiter, Florida 33458. The project will include: a three (3) level addition containing approximately 75,000 sq. ft of new construction; a new 2-level Education building containing approximately 8,550 sq. ft.; and renovation and cosmetic upgrades of approximately 3,524 sq. ft. in the existing facility. The $50 million Jupiter Medical Center Campaign's second phase will have floors devoted to expanded services for children and women as well as orthopedic and spine services. The campaign's third phase will renovate approximately 50,000 square feet in the existing main facility, including a new concierge suite with 12 rooms.
        Project Architect
        Haskell Company
        Jacksonville, Florida
        Reference: Mr. Ted Moore, AIA (904) 791-4555
        Euthenics Services
        Equipment planning and for Groups I, II, and III medical equipment and project administration.
Jupiter Medical Center
1213 S. Old Dixie Hwy.,
Jupiter, Florida 33458
Reference: Mike Fair
Medical Equipment Planner
Kristen Weldon - Euthenics, Senior Equipment Planner
Bill Wells - Euthenics, Consulting Planner
Project Manager
Gene Collins - Euthenics, Principal
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