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Scope of Services by Phase & Task

Equipment planning services provided by Euthenics, Incorporated (EI) are varied and designed to be meet the individual project requirements. This checklist, arranged by customary phases of work, is used to establish the Scope of the medical equipment planning tasks. Please review and note corrections you require then fax to my attention

Strategic Planning or Certificate of Need Work

q Participate in Program development

q Assess and evaluate existing medical equipment

q Inventory existing medical equipment, or

q Survey existing medical equipment

q Preliminary Equipment List (PEL) by area, or

q Preliminary Equipment List (PEL) by department, or

q Preliminary Equipment List (PEL) by room

q Integrate existing medical equipment into project database

q Detailed equipment budget based on owner purchasing standards

q Develop Annual Capital Budget for use prior to Project Budget

q Integration of line item budgets provided by others

q Factors including contingencies, inflation, freight and delivery / installation

q Legal testimony

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