Euthenics' online project filing system is organized in four (4) major folders: Corespondence, Equipment Reports, Procurement, and CAD Drawings. These files are populated as the development of the project progresses through the various phases of planning and post-planning. The data continues to be updated per project schedule and submittal requirements.

The "typical" file structure of each secure project site is as shown below:

Correspondence folders will contain the written communication pertaining to the project and will include letters, transmittals, emails, and faxes. A folder containing meeting minutes as well as conversation records will be available for access, review, and printing. A Project Directory will be kept current with the names and contact information of the people involved in the project.

Equipment Reports folders will have the most current room-by-room equipment requirements list and department budget. This report will be organized by department and room and will contain the current listing of each equipment item and the quantity. This list, as is the case for all our equipment reports, can be presented with or without pricing. The next major report will be the architectural equipment by room. This report shows only that equipment that is determined to have architectural impact and meant for the architects and engineers. There is an additional report, Architectural Information Report, that is focused on individual equipment items and their dimensional, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and related planning data. This reports provides total quantity of each product and the room location detail. The Cut Sheets folder contains all of the technical data sheets that pertain to each architecturally significant item and are filed individually for ease of locating. A "Project Item" list is provided for quick access to the item code identifier. Euthenics develops a Responsibility Matrix report that defines planning, procurement, and installation responsibilities for each item. This list is filed in its own folder with supporting documents. Lastly, the Project Schedule is kept current and is made available for review and printing.

Procurement reports will vary with each Client's requirements but are typically organized for quick and easy access to the progress of purchasing the equipment. The Tracking Logs folder will have the current Cost tracking and PO tracking reports. The cost tracking report will maintain and compare the actual budget costs with the project budget. The PO tracking log maintains the record of PO issue dates and other important information. Request For Proposals (RFP's) are stored online for easy reference and download as part of the bidding process. Once we receive the Quotations for the product or services, this information is filed in the appropriate folder. lastly, important to the receiving and storage of the equipment is the Receiving Reports folder. Current reports are posted for reference and review.

CAD Drawings begin with Typical Rooms. Euthenics begins the planning of a project by offering the end users and architects equipment plans of "typical" rooms in the project. This may be a typical OR, a typical patient room, etc. The purpose of the typical room approach is to graphically show the placement of the equipment that is contained in our equipment requirements list. As the planning process continues, Euthenics populates all of the rooms requiring equipment and publish Floor Plans with the architecturally significant equipment placed in the rooms. The Elevations folder contains elevated drawings of the medical equipment and their placement on walls, cabinets, and floors. The equipment has the item code designation for quick reference to the equipment requirements list. Based primarily on the progress of the equipment planning, Vendor Drawings are collected to show the detail of placement in the room with specific details pertaining to product installation requirements. These drawings are available for review, when needed.


Project Access allows select and current clients access to the data being developed for their project(s). The data is pertinent to the client's interest and use and should not be accessed by individuals who do not have permission to review secure project data developed by Euthenics. Entry to the Online Project Data site is available for the clients listed below. Click on the Client name and then provide user and password information.

Florida Hospital

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

Southcoast Hospitals Group


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